1. All the shades of a bleeding sunset. Perissos, Athens, Greece


  2. Open air art exhibition in the Chassepark.

    Breda, Netherlands.


  3. Live art show and exhibition, Breda, Netherlands.


  4. Henry V into the forrest under a shower the rain.

    "tis shame to rain so strong” said Henry.

    Williamson Park, Lancaster, UK


  5. The place where daydreaming is required.

    Shakespeare and Company, Paris


  6. When “too much” gives a nice picture.

    Metro, Paris

    #paris #metro #color #african #underground #commuter


  7. The beautiful ignored me in front of her mirror. Or left me discretely to sho╬┐t her.

    Botanic Garden, Brussels


  8. The bright star of Montmartre.

    Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Paris


  9. Blend of mist, light and darkness

    Old city, Leuven


  10. Sometimes, you just need to turn your head to the sky.

    5th Arrondissement, Paris